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October.13.2012 : Updated all Owned fanlisting icons. Put Morrissey fanlisting up for adoption. Closed Overboard fanlisting.
May.29.2012 : Morrissey and Are You Being Served fanlistings are GO!.
May.16.2012 : Added the Garden State fanlisting. Also, realized a good 2/3 of my favorite movies feature the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl Trope.
May.05.2012 : Added the Erect Penis, Great White Shark, and Silver Eyeliner fanlistings. I still suck at listing my updates here.
March.14.2012 : Major-ass-update on all fanlistings, including several with whole new layouts.
February.18.2012 : Troubles continued with my host and then they got hacked. I had 99% of my stuff backed up (lost a few Damien Jurado codes of all things) but was hurting for a host. I finally found one yesterday and worked all night and most of the day to get the site back up. I believe it's up and functioning normally. If you find any problems I haven't seen, do please let me know: i.am.444[at]hotmail[dot]com. Also, I still suck at doing updates and tomorrow is my birthday.
August.21.2010 : Created/uploaded the Jessica Fletcher fanlisting.
July.26.2010 : Adopted/uploaded the RHPS OST fanlisting.
July.01.2010 : Created/uploaded the Argyle fanlisting.
June.14.2010 : Created/uploaded the Turtle candies fanlisting.
June.05.2010 : Created/uploaded the Dar Williams fanlisting.
May.06.2010 : Created/uploaded the Sweet Tea fanlisting.
April.11.2010 : Moved fanlistings to fourfourfour.info.
March.28.2010 : Beer fanlisting adopted and uploaded.
March.23.2010 : Keith Vincent Cook fanlisting up.
March.15.2010 : Adopted the OJ fanlisting, thanks to Hannah.
March.13.2010 : New layout.
March.12.2010 : Crazy Heart fanlisting up.
March.11.2010 : Moved my blogs to 444.
March.04.2010 : James fanlisting up.
March.01.2010 : (There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays fanlisting up.
February.24.2010 : Overboard fanlisting up.
February.22.2010 : Phineas & Ferb fanlisting up.
February.19.2010 : Peanut Butter Cookie fanlisting up. Also, my birthday.
February.19.2010 : Dolores Umbridge hatelisting up. Also, my birthday.
February.11.2010 : Garnet fanlisting up.
February.02.2010 : Fat Acceptance Movement fanlisting up.
January.30.2010 : Monster fanlisting up.
January.30.2010 : Boys For Pele fanlisting up.
January.28.2010 : Vibes fanlisting up.
January.27.2010 : Tiny (Meet The Robinsons) fanlisting up.
January.24.2010 : Chickens/Chicks fanlisting up.
January.22.2010 : Butts/Bums fanlisting up.
January.18.2010 : Aaron Hotchner & Dr. Spencer Reid fanlisting up.
January.12.2010 : Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, & Neville Longbottom fanlisting up.
November.18.2009 : Fishnets fanlisting up.
August.23.2009 : Remember The Titans fanlisting up.
July.07.2009 : Resurrection Stone fanlisting up.
July.05.2009 : Kerry Vincent fanlisting up.
July.03.2009 : How To Save A Life fanlisting up.
June.30.2009 : White Eyeliner fanlisting up.
June.30.2009 : Corset Piercing fanlisting up.
June.26.2009 : Genital Piercing fanlisting up.
June.23.2009 : Blazing Saddles fanlisting up.
June.23.2009 : Renaissance Man fanlisting up.
June.23.2009 : When Night Is Falling fanlisting up.
June.19.2009 : Grape Juice fanlisting up.
June.18.2009 : Harry, Ginny, James (II), Albus, and Lily (II) Potter fanlisting up.
June.15.2009 : Manny Bianco fanlisting up.
June.15.2009 : Fran Katzenjammer fanlisting up.
June.06.2009 : Harold & Maude fanlisting up.
June.04.2009 : Stranger Than Fiction fanlisting up.
June.02.2009 : Lime Green fanlisting up.
June.02.2009 : Molly Weasley & Fleur Delacour fanlisting up.
May.31.2009 : Kreacher fanlisting up.
May.29.2009 : [+]House Elves fanlisting up.
May.29.2009 : Angelina Johnson fanlisting up.
May.29.2009 : Damien Jurado fanlisting up.


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